An Introduction to Constellations based on Bonding & Trauma - Understanding the work of Franz Ruppert

Franz Ruppert

This Training Workshop is open to people interested in training as Constellation Facilitators, specfically in the field of Trauma. You must have some previous experience of Constellation work as a client and representative to attend. No other qualifications are necessary.

Sunday 25th March - Fri 30th March 2012 #CANCELLED#

Workshop Price including Training, Accomodation & food - £925

Accomodation is based on shared room occupancy
Arrive 12pm Sunday & settle In  - lunch will be provided.
Fri 2pm Last session ends - light lunch to follow

This is a Collaborative Learning Project

With Vivian Broughton

As trauma-oriented constellations gain in popularity and interest, this workshop offers several opportunities for those who want to understand this work better. The workshop will explore bonding and trauma, and the specifics of the trauma-oriented constellation method and facilitation through the following:

Personal exploration: participants do their own constellation;

Representative experience: one of the key ways of learning about the constellations method, and increasing one’s own embodied self-awareness and ability to be present;

~ Discussion: questions, sharing of experience and ideas as we collaborate in our learning and development as facilitators;

~ Practice: there will be opportunities to practice in small groups and pairs.

The Collaborative Learning Approach

The Collaborative Learning Approach

A collaborative learning environment means that we are all learning and all contributing. The richness of Franz’s approach is that he models a continuing on-going openness to increased understanding, experimentation and learning. Every constellation is an experiment, and always has the potential to teach us as facilitators more about our work.

Deers Leap House

About Attending a workshop at Deer's Leap

Deer's Leap Offers comfortable accomodation & great food during your stay.

We have a large workspace which is very condusive to this type of work.

Whilst you're with us, outside the workshop, you can make the most of the leisure facilities, which include a hot tub & sauna or go riding or walking on the moor which is on the doorstep. There's plenty of space & lots of peace & quiet for thinking & reflection.

Vivian Broughton

More about Vivian Broughton...

Vivian has been working with constellations for the past 12 years. She was a student of Albrecht Mahr for 6 years and since 2005 has been a student with Franz Ruppert. She organised a training in Family constellations from 2000 to 2011, and taught on this training since 2003. In 2011 she ended the training in order to focus fully on the trauma-oriented constellations work of Franz Ruppert. Vivian has been a professional Gestalt psychotherapist since 1989. She has written on several articles for psychotherapy and constellations journals and one book on constellations in the individual setting.